Waterfalls In Kerala

Kerala, the land that is known and world-renowned as God’s Own Country, is also a land of various rivers and streams. These streams, running through the wild forests create gorgeous and magnificent waterfalls. In other words, the waterfalls in Kerala remain gifts of these numerous rivers and streams.

A trip to any of the Kerala waterfalls will surely be pleasing and refreshing for all. Who is there in the world who never like the alluring view of waterfalls falling down through steep rocks, forming foams look like white-colored milk? It is really gorgeous to see water falling down, smashing on rocks and everyone likes it.

Here Visitor Kerala has listed out those most renowned waterfalls of Kerala, to make your Kerala visit more enjoyable.

Thusharagiri Waterfalls

 Thusharagiri waterfalls is one of the most popular and prominent waterfalls in Kozhikode district. Being very close to many other top tourist spots like Vythiri hill station in Wayanad that lies just a few kilometers away.  Unlike other waterfalls in Kerala, you will notice that most of the occasions Thusharagiri… read more

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