Veli Tourist Village

Veli Lake

Veli Lake, with its matchless beauty and charm, has been attracting thousands of tourists from far and near. Many famous tourist spots fall in and around Veli Lake, giving an additional charm to the lake which is counted as one among the major lakes in Kerala.

They include most famous tourism sites of Kerala like Kovalam Beach, Akkulam Lake, Shankhumukham beach, etc. Vikram Sarabhai Research Centre of ISRO also lies close to this location. While visiting Veli Lake, tourists can have a visit to these sites as well.

Visiting Veli Lake alone itself is always joyous and really entertaining because the lake offers some scenes which really worth a watch and be kept as ever memorable scenes in one's life. The scene of Veli Lake merging into the Arabian Sea, is a perfect example. The view of coconut palms, standing in lines on the banks also attract thousands of tourists everyday.


Boating would be what making backwaters of Veli what it is today. It means that boating plays a prominent role in converting Veli as a hot picnic spot. Tourists enjoy themselves a lot by spending time in boating on pedalled or paddled boats which are available for hire.

Speed boats are also available. Tourists who love adventure prefer speed boats to the pedalled or paddled boats because speed boats let them sped through the backwaters in a flash of second. Further boating remains necessary for exploring the charms of Veli lagoon.

Veli Tourist Village

Veli Tourist Village attracts not only the adults and the aged but children as well. The interest shown by the Children to climb over the huge sculptures placed on the lake shores, remains a proof for this. The statues like conch shell (Shangu) is one of the major attractions at Veli tourist village.

Tourists can visit Veli Tourist Village, located around 8 km from Thiruvananthapuram, from morning 08.00 to Six in the evening.

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