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Kerala, a home for many world renowned hill stations, forests and valleys, is considered as one of the top destinations for trekking, one of the most adventurous sporty events in the world. Kerala’s interior forests, steep hills, large green valleys, chilly streams, etc. provide the tourists a wonderful chance to have adventurous trekking.

Tourists are attracted to the hill stations in Kerala mainly because many of them are top trekking destinations in the world. Tourists do trekking mainly to explore the wild beauty of interior areas, especially of those which are reachable only on foot. Though tourists are mainly doing trekking to explore the interior areas, the adventure involved in trekking is one of the main features which prompt them to go trekking.

Trekking always involves adventures and trekking in Kerala involves wide-ranged adventures. There are many hills, mountains, valleys and deep forests in the state. All these hide charming beauty in the interiors, prompting the tourists to get into the interiors.

Trekking through the interior forests where wild animals are gazing is interesting and adventurous at the same time. While trekking, the tourists can enjoy the serenity of Nature, beauty of wild animals, chirp of never-seen-before birds and the like.

The chilly streams also attract the trekkers. Water falls stooping downwards, splashing from rock to rock remain another attraction inside the wild woods. Trekking is the best thing for the tourists to reach out these areas.

The adventure sporty event trekking in Kerala has wide chances due to its geographical uniqueness. For better trekking, hills and mountains, valleys and streams, etc. remain apt and suitable. As our God’s Own Country has all these geographical diversities, trekking in Kerala is all set to grow more popular in the state.

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