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When visiting Kerala, it is advisable to take the help and assistance of tourist guides because they, knowing each nook and corner of Kerala, can plan out your trips in a most desirable manner. With the help of tourist guides who plan out your trips - especially by choosing the best tourist-circuits from one tourist destination to the other .

Only if someone knows the Kerala root map very well, he can plan out and prepare the best tourist circuit. Top tourist destinations in Kerala are lying hither and tither compelling the tourists to depend on tourist guides. Though with the help of smart phones and google maping features, tourists may be able to move from one destination to another one that lies closest.

This may not be practical always. Moreover while depending on the mobile phones and other electronic gadgets, you may get tricked by the taxi drivers or auto drivers. By relying on a tourist guide, one can save this kind of situations.

Language barrier will be another issue the tourists may have to deal with. Tourist taxi drivers need not necessarily be fluent in any of the foreign languages and so there can be a communication gap between the tourist and the taxi-driver. On the other end, well trained Kerala tourist guides are well versed in various foreign languages as well as in English.

Apart from English, tourist guides know other foreign languages like Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish and so on. Some of the guides are capable of handling many Indian languages like Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, etc. With the help of these tourist guides, tourists will find themselves enjoying their vacation very well.

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