The land of ancient 'Mamankam', Tirunavaya is south of Tirur. Situated on the banks of Bharathapuzha, it is a place of historical importance. In olden days, Mamankam was a spectacular show of the valour and grandeur of the rulers of Kerala held once in 12 years, in which, one among them was selected as the Emperor of Kerala.

It was an enormous trade fair also. The Mamankam festival was celebrated for 28 days with great pomp and pageantry, where traders from outside came in ships and barges to Tirunavaya through Ponnani Port. Thus the economical importance of Mamankam was high and hence the right to conduct and control it was important. The Nilapadu Thara, now in the premises of Kottakkal Tile factory, is protected by the Archaeological department. A deep well called Manikkinar, believed to be dumped with bodies of the Chavers is also protected.

Tirunnavaya is a converging place of the Trimurtis, (-Brahma, Vishnu, Siva). Three temples, consecrated to these deities, are on either bank of the Bharathapuzha.  The famous Vedic Vidyalaya Othanmar Madhom of ancient times, is on of the left bank of Bharathapuzha, near the Siva temple. The palace (Mana) of puranic fame, Azhvancherry Thamprakkal ,is 2 km.. North of Tirunnavaya.

Nava Mukunda Temple, believed to be constructed by Nava yogis on the right bank of Bhrathapuzha, is an important Vishnu temple of Kerala. Pithru Tharpanam is a ritual, held here on the day of Amavasi of Karkitaka (July). ‘Bali Karma’ is offered by people in their wet clothes, after a dip in the river, for the salvation of sins and to appease the dead souls.

A martial art festival of Kalaripayattu is conducted during summer on the sands of the Bharathapuzha. The famous Changampalli Kalari is near Tirunnavaya. During the second week of February, a Sarvodaya Mela is conducted in Tirunnavaya, where the Gandhians of Kerala use to assemble. The Santhi Kudiram established by the national leader, K. Kelappan, is the centre place of this mela.


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