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Surfing in Kerala is mainly dependent on Kovalam and Varkala beaches which have turned as two hot spots for surfing. Huge crowd from across the globe gather in these Kerala beaches to entertain themselves while riding on the waves. Very fast, this adventure sea sport is becoming more popular in Kerala.

Surfing is nothing less than a better way to chill oneself out in hot summers. For the surfers, riding on the waves is more pleasing than staying in an amusement park as it involves lots of adventure apart from fun and entertainment. The popularity of surfing in Kerala is increasing over the years and this is very much visible in the Kovalam beach where the only Surfers’ Club is situated.

Surfers’ Club has been operational for over a decade. At the beginning, the club had only three surfboards and half a dozen kids as its members. Now it has about 20 members who impart lessons on surfing to even the foreigners.

Surfing Board

The conventional surfing board is five to six feet long and those who compete in the stand up paddle competition use a surfing board which is bigger, thicker, heavier and around eight feet long.

South African Cricketer Jonty Rhodes, the ambassador of surfing in India, too affirms that the beaches in Kerala are apt for surfing. His word of appreciation itself acts as a great inspiration for those who love surfing at Kerala beaches.

Surfing Spots In Kerala

1. Kovalam Beach

Kovalam's well-developed infrastructure and safety precautions make it an ideal location for surfers. This was the prime reason for choosing the locale for India's first official surfing and stand-up paddle competition by the Surfing Federation of India this year.

The surfers are more allured with waves reaching about 25 ft. height, making Kovalam beach apt for surfing. Due to this small and less dangerous waves, it is also considered as a good destination for the tourists to have lessons on surfing.

Kovalam is also a noted tourism spot and this also attracts the surfers as well as the tourists. The world tourists who visit Kovalam Beach also find time to have surfing experience as well.

2. Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach is another noted place for surfing in Kerala. Unlike the Kovalam beach, the waves here are higher and so surfing here involves a lot more adventure than entertainment. Thus Varkala beach is considered suitable for the experienced surfers alone and not for the novices.

Surfing in Kerala is mainly dependent on these two beaches. Though there are a good number of beaches in Kerala, other beaches are not so apt for surfing either due to the waves’ dangerous heights or because these beaches fail to provide sufficient security measures to the surfers. If these beaches are also apt place for the surfers, surfing in Kerala will become more popular for sure.

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