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Shopping is an essential part of international tourism. Lulu Shopping Mall Cochin, the largest mall in the Subcontinent, is expected to give a big thrust to shopping tourism in Kerala.

Shopping malls play a key role in the development of tourism across the globe. Kerala tourism is blooming with the launch of various shopping malls in the state, including Lulu Shopping Mall Cochin, one of the biggest shopping malls in the Subcontinent.

From earlier time onwards, tourists who visit Kerala have been showing a key interest in purchasing Kerala goods, art and articrafs articles, and so on. This show that shopping malls have can have a great impact on the tourism of the state.

Tourists who come to enjoy vacations at Kerala beaches or at any other tourist destinations, had to depend on some vendors who used to sell them Kerala-made articles at high prices. This was mainly because there was no big shopping mall in the state.

Now the situation is slowly changing and more numbers of shopping malls are being built day after day in Kerala. Lulu Shopping Mall Cochin remains the best specimen for this. Kerala tourism development authorities now give due importance to shopping tourism.

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