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Aiming to meet tourists’ demand for better Kerala foods, there are good numbers of restaurants in Kerala. These restaurants do play a key role in the success of tourism in Kerala as they are a necessary for providing better Kerala foods on the ways from one top tourist destination to the other.

Though there are many hotels in Kerala, their number is insufficient to meet the demand, especially during the journeys.

The top tourist destinations in Kerala lie here and there and to see them all, one needs to travel from one end to the other. During these tours, tourist can well-depend on top restaurants which provide more delicious foods - western foods, Chinese foods as well as Kerala foods.

Probably the only difference with any Kerala hotels and the restaurants in Kerala would be the accommodation facility. While the tourists can stay at top hotels  in Kerala, restaurants offer no  .

Food at restaurants are, despite being healthier and tastier, less costly in comparison to the hotels. This is one of the main factors which drive the tourists into Kerala restaurants. They also have won over the minds of tourists by providing Kerala dishes as per the taste and desire of tourists.

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