Pazhayangadi Mosque Malappuram

Pazhayangadi Mosque, also known as Kondotty mosque, is located in Malappuram district of Kerala state. This old mosque is reported to be built in the mid-18th century.

Pazhayangadi Juma Masjid Malappuram

Pazhayangadi Mosque is dedicated to Muhammad Shah, a holy and devout Musalman who was popularly known as Kondotty Thangal. The mosque is named Kondotty Mosque in honour of him. 

Constructed in the Mughal style, Pazhayangadi Mosque remains a stunning scene to the pilgrims. The white-colored dome is one of the major attractions of this mosque.

If Cheraman Juma Masjid Kodungallur was the first Muslim mosque in India, Pazhayangadi Mosque is the first mosque built for worship. 
Kondotty Nercha (Valiya Nercha) is one of the major festivals celebrated here. This festival is held in the month

The festival conducted here is Valiya Nercha popularly called as Kondotty Nercha which is held during the Feb-March months. The festival continues for a week. Thousands of devotees visit Pazhayangadi Mosque during this festival time which is considered as the best time to visit this mosque, one of the top Muslim pilgrim centers in Kerala.

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