Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary

Pakshipathalam is located deep within the forest in the Brahmagiri hills, at an altitude of more than 1700 m. The region predominantly comprises of large boulders, some of them really massive. The deep caves found here are home to a wide variety of birds, animals and distinctive species of plants.

Garuda, the vehicle of Vishnu and the King of birds, stands guard over his subjects at Pakshipathalam, a bird lovers' paradise.  Pakshipathalam, meaning' birds in the nether regions', is a natural rock cave at the northern end of the Brahmagiri Hills. The 6 km. trek from Thirunelli takes you through dense jungle. There's no accommodation. So most people do a day trip and return. If you are an avid bird watcher, carry your own camping equipment and take a guide along for a prolonged stay. There's a watch tower on the banks of  Papanasini, a 40 minute walk from the Thirunelli temple, which offers a good perch. There are a few private guides at Thirunelli to take you to Pakshipathalam. The watchmen from the forest department also show the way. Guide services must be negotiated. No fixed rates. Usual fee is around Rs.200  Rs.250.   

Pakshipathalam is located near Mananthavady and a visit to the region would require a 7 km. trek through the forest, starting from Thirunelli. Visitors to Pakshipathalam are to seek permission from the DFO- North Wayanad. Timings : 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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