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Kerala, the land known for ‘Kera’ plants (a typical Malayalam word for Coconut palms) is also known for its natural drinks. Though the state produces various natural drinks like fruit juices, sugarcane juices and various other fresh juices, God’s Own Country is famous for drinks made from coconut palms.

Coconut Juice, popularly known as “Ila neer” is the top natural drink of Kerala. This cool chilly drink is one of the most favorite among all the natural drinks in Kerala. This Nature-made healthy drink is more popular among foreign tourists.

‘Ila neer’ is not only a good refresher but also a healthier drink. The naturally cool juice, quenching down the thirst very fast, chills down the tourists even in the hot summers. Thus this drink is enjoyed by all regardless the age-difference.

Kallu (Toddy), is another main Kerala drink. This drink is made from both coconut palms and toddy palms. However toddy can be taken by the adults alone as it contains alcohol to a certain level, causing a slight intoxication to the consumer. Despite its alcoholic effect, it is considered as a good drink as it is less harmful compared to other alcoholic drinks.

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