Adventure Tourism in Kerala

God's Own country Kerala holds wider scope in adventure tourism activities like trekking, paragliding, rowing, boating, etc. Growth of tourism in Kerala owes a lot to adventure activities like these which have attracted tourists who are interested in adventure. Trekking To watch out wild animals and rare birds inside bird sanctuaries and wildlife centers closely, Trekking is necessary. Many of the bird sanctuaries like Thattekad, is a treasure-house of various rare birds. However the tourists… read more

Airports in Kerala

Kerala, one of the must-see tourist destinations in the world that is known as God's own Country, homes three international airports. Trivandrum International Airport, the first airport to be built in a non-metro city, is one of the busiest airports in the country. It, the oldest airport in Kerala, remained the busiest airport in the state till Nedumbassery International Airport was inaugurated in 1999. Calicut International Airport is the third international airport in Kerala. read more

Arts & Craft Centers Kerala

Kerala state, giving due importance to arts and crafts, has established various arts and craft centers. By visiting these centers, one can get close to the praiseworthy culture and traditions of Kerala. Most of the arts and crafts centers in Kerala are renowned for preserving art forms of the past. read more

Backwaters Kerala

Backwaters Kerala Kerala backwaters, made up of inter-connected lakes, canals, streams and a good number of rivers, are one of the most prominent attractions in God's own country, a paradise-like land for the tourists. Kerala backwaters, sprawling over 900 km long, offer a matchless scenic beauty. Houseboats probably is the best means to enjoy the cherishing beauty of backwaters in Kerala. Boating is not only one of the major entertainment events but it is also a better option to watch out some… read more

Beaches Kerala

Kerala, set on the coasts of the Arabian Sea, is said to be blessed with many well-renowned beaches among which Kovalam Beach, Varkala Beach, Alappuzha beach, Kozhikode Beach, etc. remain the most popular and prominent. Apart from these, there are a few small beaches in God's own country.  Counting all beaches in Kerala- including both small and big sprawling over to 550 km long coasts of Arabian sea, any tourist may feel that Kerala is… read more

Bird Sanctuaries in Kerala

God's own country is the best place for the tourists to see birds of various kinds. Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary, Pakshipathalam bird sanctuary, etc. are a few among the numerous bird sanctuaries in Kerala. Apart from the native Kerala birds, migrants from the Himalayas and Siberia like heron, Siberian stork, egret, teal and darter also are found in these bird sanctuaries. read more

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