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How the rivers' charming beauty can be ignored or how the charm of coconut palms that are lined on the banks of rivers can be overlooked? Which tourist will like to return from Kerala without having a close look at the setting sun or rising sun? A pleasure boat trip will take any tourists close to these most alluring and most beautiful scenes which will remain as ever memorable ones in life.

Apart from Airways, Railways and Roadways, waterways also make an important part of Kerala’s transportation. Though waterways is never considered as a major means of transportation due to its slow-speed, it is rightly considered as one of the most pleasure-producing transportation means.

Having good numbers of rivers, lakes and other water sources, Kerala remains a fine place for boating and other small water-voyages. Boating is done not only as a means of transportation but mainly as a pleasure trip.

While boating, the tourists can behold and enjoy the most charming beauty of Kerala’s backwaters. Among the boat services, houseboats are considered as the best means to stay on water. However boat services are, at least in some areas, major means  of transportation as well.

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