Kerala Museums & Art Galleries

Kerala Museums & Art Galleries

Kerala is not only one of the must-see tourist destinations in the world, but also a home of arts and crafts. Kerala is well-known for its arts and crafts from time immemorial. Though many of those precious art works were lost, a good share of them is well-preserved in art galleries and museums. Thus in short, visiting an art gallery or museum is a must to know more about Kerala’s art and art works of the ancient period.

Kerala is well known for its art and artistic talents. The state which is hailed as God's own country is proud to have given birth to many renowned artists, painters and sculptors like Raja Ravi Varma, K.C.S. Paniker, T.K. Padmini, Bose Krishnamachari, Paris Viswanathan, and so many others. Now art galleries of Kerala remain a major source for everyone to view their original sculptures, paintings as well as drawings. Every day thousands of tourists from across the world along with the native tourists pay visit to these art galleries in Kerala. While visiting these art galleries, the foreign tourists as well as the local tourists purchase art related goods, paintings and sculptures.

The art galleries and museums in Kerala fall into various categories such as archeological museums, art museums, hill palace museums, historical museums, temple museums, etc. Majority of the art galleries in Kerala is located in cities like Thrissur, Thiruvananthapuram, Cochin, etc.

Seminars and Art Exhibitions

These art galleries remain a major venue for various seminars and painting exhibitions. These exhibitions and seminars, held round the year, remain major highlights of these art galleries as they help create an awareness of the renowned art works of Kerala in the minds of people. Tourists enjoy spending time roaming inside the art galleries as they provide a better viewing-experience to them.

Napier Museum

Napier Museum is situated in the Museum compound, right in the heart of the city, near the zoological park.  Napier Museum was built in the 19th century. This Indo-Saracenic structure boasts a natural air-conditioning system and houses a rare collection of archaeological and historic artefacts, bronze idols, ancient ornaments, a… read more

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum, a modern building houses some excellent galleries like the skeletal, bird, animal and taxidermy gallery as well as a museum. MuseumTimings: Open 10.00 - 17.00 hrs, Wednesday 13.00 - 16.45 hrs. Closed on Mondays.   read more

Parikshit Thampuran Museum

This museum on Durbar Hall Road, adjacent to the Shiva Temple, has a valuable collection of 19th century oil paintings, old coins, sculptures and copies of mural paintings. Scriptures in stone and plaster of paris, the collection from the Cochin royal family, etc., are added attractions. The building itself is… read more

Pazhassi Raja Museum & Art Gallery

Located about 5 km. from Kozhikode town at East Hill, the Pazhassi Raja Museum is a veritable treasure trove for historians and connoisseurs of art.  The Art Gallery adjacent to the museum displays the acclaimed paintings of Kerala's cherished artists, Raja Ravi Varma (1848 - 1906), whose works brought international… read more

Police Museum

Police Museum at Kollam is the only such establishment in the country that traces the history and development of the police force. On display are police arms of the 18th and 19th centuries and various other exhibits. The star attraction of the museum is the Martyr's Gallery. Visiting Hours: Open… read more

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