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Kerala; having sufficient rain to support cultivations of various fruit-plants, grains and the like, has a wide variety of fruits.

Cashew Fruit, Custard Apple, Guava, Jackfruit, Pine Apple, Mango, Papaya, Plantains, etc. are some of the top Kerala fruits. Black Plum, Tamarind, etc. are also found in abundance. The tourists who visit Kerala really can enjoy all these fruits very well.

Among all the Kerala fruits, plantains is noted mainly because of its wide variety available in the state. Sundari, Palayamkodan, Etha and Kadhali are a few among many famous varieties. In the same way, there are wide varieties (approximately 200 varieties) of mangoes in Kerala. 

Mango is another top Kerala fruits which is very popular worldwide. And the tourists who visit Kerala really enjoy the wide variety of mango available in Kerala.

The typical Jack Fruit plants (Plavu) are visible across the state, both on hilly areas as well as plain regions. Besides having Jackfruit, called ‘Chakka’ in Malayalam, as a fruit, this popular fruit is also used for preparing ‘Chakka Puzhuk’, one of the most favorite dishes of Keralites. ‘Chakka Varuthathu’ (Jackfruit Chips) and Chakka Varattiyathu are also prepared from Chakka.

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