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Kerala Jewellery designs,being very popular across the globe, have been attracting tourists to God's own country. Jewellery -including both diamond and gold ornaments, have now become inevitable items of Kerala shopping tourism.

Kerala's own gold designs like Palakka, Nagapadam, Kasu, Kanganam, Dasavatharam, Ashta Laxmi, Helix, etc. are some of the most popular gold designs in the world.

Owing to the world-reaching popularity of Kerala jewellery, tourists who visit Kerala show keen interest in purchasing jewellery from here.

Along with gold -jewelleries, Kerala produces vast varieties of diamond jewelleries. The jewellers and gold smiths in Kerala make sure that each of their jewellery designs are made with quality and for this, they follow all international  norms of standard.

Gold jewelleries in Kerala are of 22ct and have been given Hallmark, BSI, 916, etc. Recent trends show that the demand for diamond ornaments increases in the state.

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