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Kerala, being one of the top tourist destinations in the world, gives ample importance to hospitality sector so as to assure better health care facilities to the tourists. Every day thousands of tourists land on Kerala, to enjoy themselves well.

Though majority of the tourists are visiting Kerala for enjoying their vacations, at least a few portion of the tourists are doing so for gaining better health-care facilities at lower costs. In comparison to the high cost health-care facilities of the western countries, the medical expense remains very lower in Kerala.

Apart from Ayurveda hospitals -to which Kerala is known for, there are numerous allopathic and homoeopathic hospitals in Kerala. These hospitals make sure that each tourist is gaining the best possible treatments in the world.

Now there are multi-speciality and super speciality hospitals in each district of Kerala. Some of them are well-known for one or other diseases. To Kerala's credit, these hospitals offer medical facilities of international standard for almost all diseases.

Having number of hospitals which provide international standard medical facilities, Kerala has reached greater levels in health tourism. The state tourism department of Kerala is bringing out various plans to foster health and medical tourism in Kerala.

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