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Homoeopathy is another important wing or part of health tourism in Kerala. Though Kerala is known mainly for Ayurveda treatment, Homoeopathy centers in Kerala existed many centuries back, finding a place in Kerala’s history.

Homoeopathy hospitals and clinics are capable of providing better medical treatment systems. There are numerous homeopathy centers in Kerala. Counting their number of Homoeopathy centers in Kerala, one can understand how important this medical facility is.

Owing to the increasing-popularity of Ayurveda and Allopathy, Homoeopathy centers in Kerala are not getting due respect it deserves. Homoeopathy, the most cost effective medical treatment systems in Kerala, is still popular as it provides better treatment for many of the chronic diseases including jaundice.

Despite the growth of Allopathy in Kerala, Homoeopathy remains more cost effective than the former. Another important factor that makes Homoeopathy centers in Kerala more popular is that they provide treatments for a good number of illnesses.

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