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The term holistic medicine is that medical system that aims at the total cure of the diseased- physical, mental and spiritual realms. This kind of medicine is mainly provided by top Ayurveda hospitals in Kerala.

The tourists who visit Kerala, though mainly visit as a pleasure trip, also are fond of health treatments and facilities which are comparatively cheaper in Kerala. 

Among all sorts of health treatments in Kerala, Ayurveda might be the most popular one. However it does not mean that other top health treatment facilities like Allopathy and Homoeopathy are not popular or not desired. There is demand for these medical facilities as well.

The holistic medicine system is a perfect mix of other medicinal wings Allopathy and Ayurveda. Natural healing, complementary medicine and alternative healthcare are other terms for holistic medicine.

While alternative healthcare is that which are not practiced in Allopathy health centers, those treatment techniques which assist allopathy are called complementary medicines. Apart from these two, natural healing, the final term for holistic treatment, is that type of medical treatment in which no medicine is used.

Following the steps of western countries which have holistic medicine associations, holistic treatment is being promoted in Kerala too. Now tourism in Kerala is more or less leaned to health tourism and holistic treatment in Kerala has a special role to play for the growth of tourism in the state.

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