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Farm houses in Kerala remain ideal for a comfortable stay in God's own land, Kerala. While staying at farm houses, tourists will be able to understand how farming is done in Kerala. Moreover it will help understand how the culture of Keralites is mingled with farming.

One of the major attractions which makes Kerala farm houses more desirable is its awesome natural beauty. Farm houses are, at least a majority of them, surrounded by lush green fields. Secondly these are less polluted as the farm house is set right at the center of green fields.

Along with cattle rearing, various other small animals like goat, rabbit, etc. are grown in these farms. Fish ponds where various types of fish are brought up also are visible. There are other farms which bring up hen, and some other sorts of birds.

Plaintain fields, coconut plantations, mango plantations, etc. are some of the most alluring scenes in Kerala and while staying at farmhouses, tourists can easily enjoy the beauty of these, making farm houses a better option for stay.

Farm houses, owned by private persons, are very similar to home stays and tourists live like one of them, sharing the culture of the farm owners. So you will see that this also is a better option for staying in Kerala.

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