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Kerala is a hotspot for ecotourism or nature friendly tourism which is becoming more popular. Ecotourism - sites of Kerala, even when they give due respect to Nature, provide better enjoyment to the tourists. There are many ecotourism sites in Kerala. Thenmala, Periyar, Neyyar, etc. are a few of the most popular ones among all ecotourism spots in Kerala, the God's own country.

The speciality of ecotourism is that the Nature gets due respect while converting the area into  a hot tourist spot. Moreover ecotourism sites remain the best places to see wild animals in its own natural habitat. For instance any nature-admirer can have a close look at a spotted deer or sambar at Thenmala, the first ecotourism project in the country.

Ecotourism Spots in Kerala

God's own country has many ecotourism spots. Each of them has its own peculiar eco-friendly features as well as bio-diversities. Bio-diversity is one of the major features that make each eco-spot different from the other. The flora and fauna, animal diversities, etc. are also important.

Aralam, Arippa, Chimmini, Eravikulam, Gavi, Konni, Mankayam, Neyyar, Palaruvi, Peppara, Perambikulam, Periyar, Rhodovalley, Shenduruney, Thenmala, Thommankuthu, etc. are the top ecotourism spots in Kerala.

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