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Kerala, being a home of vast number of rivers, streams, backwaters, lakes and other water sources, is a popular boating destination. There are many tourist destinations in Kerala which offer boating facilities to the tourists.

Boating is, doubtlessly, one of the most important water sports in the world. Kerala tourism has remained as one of the major tourism centers which rightly fostered the people's craze for boating.

Most probably, the water theme parks in Kerala are also formed with an idea to cash in people's craze for boating.

House Boats

House boats are considered as one of the best places to stay in while on a tour, especially to Kerala. Though costly, staying inside houseboats always remains a wonderful experience.

Boating on house boats is more on demand due to the higher level privacy the people gets inside them. It lets you move away from the madding crowds, and help you settle on silent waters.

Floating on the water on houseboats is really pleasant. There are some tourists who engage themselves on fishing while floating on water. However this is mainly prefered for enjoying the beauty of Kerala backwaters which can be seen only if depend on waterways.

Boat Races

Boating, being one of the most popular sports events for the Keralites, is considered as a competitive item too. Numerous boat races like Nehru Trophy Snakeboat Race are conducted across the state. People partake in these competitions with high valour and vigor. Tourists from across the globe participate in these boat races as spectators. The tourists show keen interest to become boat-rowers.

Boating Destinations

All backwater destinations in Kerala is suitable for boating. Kerala has many backwaters and all of them are known and noted for the boating facilities provided by them.


Kuttanad,  a land lower to the sea levels, is one of the top boating destinations. Apart from boating, facilities for fishing also makes it more attractive. Many of the top resorts too offer similar facilities to the tourists, letting them enjoy to the fullest.

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