Backwaters Kerala

Backwaters Kerala

Kerala backwaters, made up of inter-connected lakes, canals, streams and a good number of rivers, are one of the most prominent attractions in God's own country, a paradise-like land for the tourists. Kerala backwaters, sprawling over 900 km long, offer a matchless scenic beauty.

Houseboats probably is the best means to enjoy the cherishing beauty of backwaters in Kerala. Boating is not only one of the major entertainment events but it is also a better option to watch out some of the most awesome scenes like the coconut palms standing in line on the river-sides, glittering red-sun kissing on the other end of the water, fisherman casting nets for a catch, and so on.


Among the top backwater destinations in Kerala, Kuttanad holds a matchless position. Tourists who land in from far and near hail it as one of the top backwater destinations. No sooner than the first moment the tourist sees the site, he or she falls in love with charming 'Kuttanadan punchapaadams'… read more


Nileshwaram is, without any doubt, one of the top backwater destinations in Kasaragod. It, one of the three municipalities in Kasaragod and the third biggest town, is well-known across the globe as the cultural capital of the district. As always the case with all top Kerala backwaters, rivers are always… read more

Sasthamkotta Lake

Sasthamkotta Lake, the largest fresh water lake in Kerala, is beautified by green valleys and chilly hills that surround from three sides. The lake located about 29-km away from Kollam, can be reached easily with an hour's drive from Kollam town or one and a half hours from Thiruvananthapuram international airport. The lake, set… read more


Thiruvallam is one of the top and most famous backwater destinations in Kerala. It falls in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala state. Awesome beauty of backwaters of Thiruvallam is the gift of wide varieties of both flora and fauna that grow in the area. The banks are made absolutely stunning by… read more

Veli Tourist Village

Veli Lake Veli Lake, with its matchless beauty and charm, has been attracting thousands of tourists from far and near. Many famous tourist spots fall in and around Veli Lake, giving an additional charm to the lake which is counted as one among the major lakes in Kerala. They include… read more

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