Backwaters Kerala

Backwaters Kerala

Kerala backwaters, made up of inter-connected lakes, canals, streams and a good number of rivers, are one of the most prominent attractions in God's own country, a paradise-like land for the tourists. Kerala backwaters, sprawling over 900 km long, offer a matchless scenic beauty.

Houseboats probably is the best means to enjoy the cherishing beauty of backwaters in Kerala. Boating is not only one of the major entertainment events but it is also a better option to watch out some of the most awesome scenes like the coconut palms standing in line on the river-sides, glittering red-sun kissing on the other end of the water, fisherman casting nets for a catch, and so on.

Akkulam Lake

Akkulam Lake, an extension of the Veli Lake, is one of the must-see tourist destinations in Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), Kerala. The spot, being just a few minutes' drive (10 km) away from the city and having easier access to Thiruvananthapuram International airport, is widely visited by tourists from across the globe.… read more


Alumkadavu, a small village famous for coir-waft and wood-made kettuvallams, is located in northern parts of Kollam district in Kerala, the paradise-like land renowned for its beauty and charm owing to which it is rightly called 'God's own country'. Tourists who visit Alumkadavu is attracted to the coir ropes and… read more

Ashtamudi Lake

The Ashtamudi Lake (in native language - Ashtamudi Kayal) is the second largest wetland ecosystem in Kerala. The term Ashtamudi, deriving from two Sanskrit words - 'Ashta' and 'Mudi' with meaning 'eight' and 'cone' respectively, gets the literal meaning "Eight Coned." For its name, the palm-shaped Ashtamudi Lake, however, owes a… read more

Kallayi (River)

Kallayi river is one of the charming rivers in Kerala, the land renowned for its rich presence of numerous rivers. The 40 km long river has its origin in Cherikkulathur in the Western Ghats at 45 m - altitude. Kallayi village, located on the banks of Kallayi river, was once well… read more

Kavvayi Kayal

Backwater of Kavvayi, natively called and known as Kavvayi Kayal, is one of the must-see backwater destinations in Kannur district. In fact, spreading across to an area of 37 sq km, it is one of the largest wetlands in North Kerala. Like other top backwater destinations in Kerala, Kavvayi too… read more

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