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The term 'Ayurveda' has been coined by combining two Sanskrit words - “ayur” (life) and ‘veda’ (knowledge). Thus the term Ayurveda means the knowledge of life.

In Ayurveda, the process of ayur is considered as a combined state of body, senses, psyche and soul. Ayurvedic medicine is a system of traditional medicine native to the Indian subcontinent.

Kerala’s renowned Ayurvedic Hospitals and Research Centres where traditional ayurvedic therapies go hand in hand with modern facilities have always attracted the tourists, especially the foreigners, in great numbers.

There are many Ayurvedic hospitals and research centers in Kerala now, offering wide range of services such as massaging and others. Ayurvedic treatments are aimed at healing of the body, mind and soul from all sorts of diseases.

Ayurvedic hospitals help the tourists create balance in life by nurturing the whole person, including spiritual, mental, emotional needs other than physical needs. Having its own diagnostic methods and internal medicines, there is treatment for all chronic and acute diseases in Ayurveda.

The famous Panchakarma, Purvakarma and Pathyakarma treatments are some of the top Ayurvedic treatments. Nasya, Vamana, Virechana, Vasti and Rakthamoksha are the panchakarmas.

The Panchakarmas are capable of cleansing the body from all the toxins accumulated through defective life-styles and food habits. Moreover a complete rejuvenation of the body is possible at Naivedya and other Ayurveda treatments.

Facilitating better health to the tourists, now the tourism centers offer various Ayurvedic facilities including qualified and experienced Ayurveda consultants and Ayurveda therapists.

Well equipped Panchakarma treatment conveniences, GMP certified Ayurvedic medicines, separate treatment rooms for male and female patients, well furnished accommodation and canteen services, highly clean and hygienic environment,  hall for practicing yoga and meditation, medicinal plants garden, library, ample parking facilities, are a few among other facilities, tourists will receive at Ayurvedic centers in Kerala.

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