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Culture of Kerala

Kerala is a land of religious and cultural diversity. God's own land has its own culture which is a mix of both Aryan and Dravidian cultures, imbibing the good traditions and practices from both of them. 

Another important characteristic feature about Kerala's culture is that it is very much related to art and music. Art and culture are most often considered as two sides of the same coin. It means that the life of each Malayali is developed in a way that no one can separate one  from the other.

Festivals like Onam or any other festival remains perfect examples for Malayalis' passion for art forms. Each of the festival is celebrated with the performance of one or the other art forms.

Art Forms in Kerala

Kerala is the home of many world-renowned art forms like - Kathakali, Ottan Thullal, Krishnanattam, Chakkyar Koothu, Mohiniyattam, Thiruvathira Kali,  Koodiyattom, Theyyam, Ramanattam, etc. 

These are only a few of the most prominent art forms of Kerala. Tourists, from across the globe, come to Kerala with a zeal to enjoy some of  these art forms. Now the tourist destinations and the tourist centers are taking special care to set a stage for them to watch and enjoy these art forms.

The life of each Malayali (native of Kerala) is very much associated with art and culture of the state. They are or have become inseperable parts of life now, and life without which is said to become like barren land deprived of fruits.

From time immemmorial, art forms and culure of Kerala were renowned. People from across the globe really longed to enjoy any of these art forms which were termed as best entertainment means.

Even now, the Kerala arts are popular and are still parts of any celebration. For malayalis, these art forms are a must for all their celebrations. In fact, Keralites feel that without them there is no celebration at all.

Different religions also have their own art forms. For instance, oppana is the traditional art of Muslims. Chavittu Nadakam and Margam Kali are famous Christian art forms. There are many art forms related with Hinduism and Hindu temple festivals are the stages where they are displayed.

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