Archaeological Museum Thrissur

Archaeological Museum is located in close proximity to the Thrissur Zoo. Earlier, it was accommodated in the Town Hall Building campus in Thrissur and recently it was shifted to Thrissur Kollengode Palace, an architectural excellence that delights everyone’s heart and mind. Archaeological Museum Thrissur displays quite a good number of murals collected from across Kerala.

A rare treasure of Veerakallu, miniature temple models made up of plaster of paris, various manuscripts written on dry palm leaves called ‘Ola Grandhangal’, megaliths, etc. are a few among the many collections at Archaeological Museum. ‘Veerakallu’ (hero stones) are those stone engravings, stone sculptures or stone figures and the weapons belonging to the great heroes of the past. Majority of them are found and discovered from the both Wayanad and Thrissur forests. Variously sized and shaped earthen pots, urns etc. form the Megalith collection. The plaster-of-Paris-made temple models represent the architectural excellence in which the ancient temples in the State were carved. 

Visiting Hours: 

Everyday 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, except Mondays and national holidays.

How to reach

Archaeological Museum is just two kilometers away from Thrissur town and the railway station. So getting an auto-rickshaw would be sufficient enough to reach the spot within five minutes’ time.
Nearest Railway station: Thrissur
Nearest Airport: Cochin and Calicut

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