Arakkal Kettu Museum Kannur

The Arakkal Palace which is converted to the current Arakkal Kettu Museum originally belonged to Arakkal Ali Rajas of Arakkal Royal Family, the one and only Muslim royal dynasty in Kerala. The palace and the museum are now under the governance of Kerala’s Archaeological and Tourism Departments. The palace is located just three kilometers from Kannur town ands so is easily accessible to the tourists.

Arakkal Kettu Museum is close to many other tourist destinations in the district like Ayikaara Mappila Bay. At present, the museum houses and displays numerous artifacts and heirlooms which belonged to the Arakkal Rajas. Children who visit the museum return with enlightened minds on the history of Arakkal Ali Rajas who were the only Muslim rulers in the state and the role they played in the history of Kerala especially of the Malabar.

How to Reach

  • Nearest Airport - Cochin international airport
  • Nearest Railway Station - Thrissur 

Timings of Visit: from 10 am to 5 pm

Working Days: All days except Monday

Holidays: Monday and all Public holidays

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