Adventure Tourism in Kerala

God's Own country Kerala holds wider scope in adventure tourism activities like trekking, paragliding, rowing, boating, etc. Growth of tourism in Kerala owes a lot to adventure activities like these which have attracted tourists who are interested in adventure.


To watch out wild animals and rare birds inside bird sanctuaries and wildlife centers closely, Trekking is necessary. Many of the bird sanctuaries like Thattekad, is a treasure-house of various rare birds. However the tourists can explore this bird sanctuary only if he or she depends on trekking. more


Boating is another important adventure event in Kerala where there are a handful of rivers, lakes and backwaters. more


Some of the top hill stations in Kerala are known as best sites for paragliding which is one of the most adventurous adventure sports in the world. Vagamon is one among them. more


As Kerala is blessed with many beaches, the state offers opportunities to the tourists for surfing. Some of the beaches like Kovalam Beach and Varkala beach are known surfing spots in Kerala. more

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