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Kerala, the state which is renowned as God's own country, holds a better scope in tourism and health related aspects. Visitor Kerala aims to help tourists find the right and best enjoyment during and throughout their vacation-trip to Kerala, seeing its rivers and streams, forests and mountains, flower gardens, backwaters, etc.

Visitor Kerala is a health and tourism based online portal that offers all sorts of information to help the tourists, who come to Kerala from far and near, find their right enjoyment during their vacations.

Tourists who plan to visit Kerala looks for proper information about the specialities of the proposed destination. When Kerala is the destination, they look for information on Kerala foods and drinks, top tourist destinations in Kerala, accomodation facilities, and so on.

The site aims to provide sufficient and proper information on all about Kerala, making it easier for them to have better enjoyment during their vacation-trips.

Visitor Kerala, gathering all details needed for any tourists to visit Kerala, simply becomes a perfect guide for tourists, telling them all about Kerala foods, art and culture, top tourist destinations, chaste backwaters and charming beaches, silent woods and serene Nature, etc.

You will find all what you are looking for, so as to have a pleasant stay in God's own country at the site Visitor Kerala, a sister venture of Deepika Malayalam Newspaper.

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